wtorek, 14 sierpnia 2012

my art research in Berlin

So I am came back to my blog activity with description of my art research in Berlin.

 General, I love germans order, minimalism and perfection in spaces creativity......

                                          Akademie der Kunste
                                          Potsdamer Platz

                                          Kampus fur Kunst.Halle am Wasser
                                          Bernauer Strasse. Berliner Mauer

.....but not always I am fascinated of germans artefacts:

                                          Skulpturen Park am Waldesee
Thera are many places for art:
                                          Hamburger Bahnhof
                                                    KOW Galerie
                                          east side gallery

But a lot of gallerys have markets charakter. There are smaal rooms with table in the middle and one person behind. It seems to be some office not place of art. I think that artist is in this country normal profesion and have normal social sytuation. There is any romans aura, like in Poland. I need time to create my opinion about it.

And new my big excytation:

                                          Gabriel Orazco w Deutsche Guggenheim

                                          Joseph Beuys in Hamburger Bahnhof

                                          Anzelm Kiefer in Hamburger Bahnhof

And my discoverys:

                                                    Morton Bartlett

                                          Anthony McCall

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